About Me

I'm Still Trying To Put A Dent In The Universe

Software Engineer with special expertise in APIs and web services. Comfortable implementing robust REStful APIs, managing server-side scalability and concurrency, designing database schemas and batch processing jobs, and deploying and administrating servers. Experienced in building sophisticated distributed systems using REST web APIs. Product focused and deeply passionate about solving interesting problems.

I have a great interest in Machine Learning. I believe AI is the future, they have great potentials to change the world. To make it reality we need to invest our present. Currently, I am taking Machine Learning Engineering Nanodegree course from Udacity to learn more about my interest.

I actively contribute to open source projects (see my GitHub profile) because it is a way to develop great software that benefits both the contributor and the community. I blog at rohanroy.com.

I want to discover my true potential in terms of: physicality, mentality and creativity. I want to persist until its perfect. I want to empty the tank.

I believe that we get one beautiful shot at life, it's a privilege to be here, and it's never too late to make it count. Today is not over yet.