My First Django App

Posted by Rohan on Apr 16, 2015

Wow! what a big feeling, I'm going to write my first blog in my hand build personal blog. Actually, its my first Django application that I ran on Internet. So, how it became reality I'm going to tell you next.

Why Django

Many of my friends asked me why you selected Django over already existed renowned technologies like WordPress, Drupal etc. I simply replied I'm not interested on other technologies which are not robust like Django. Honestly saying I'm a Python programmer, so, why do I choose other technology other than Django ? As you all know Django rightnow is a hot favorite framework for web development in Python.


First I thought of using Amazon BeanStalk but didn't able to setup correctly my Django app there. Finally, I used my most reliable source for development and hosting - the AWS EC2. I used Virtualenv to create an isolated development setup for Django. But do you know Django isn't capable of handling multithreading in a production server as it is single threaded application which is suitable for development purpose only. But Gunicorn server is capable of handling multiple requests at the sametime. To manage Gunicorn I used Supervisor which makes sure Gunicorn will always keep running.

To be continued

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