My Personal Blog Building Experience

Posted by Rohan on Apr 19, 2015

My First Blog

I was wondering how to build a blog web application. Then I researched and researched a lot to get idea on how to build a good blog. After jotting down lot of things finally I came up with this.

Personal Blog

The idea of personal blog was not my first one, first I thought of something like Android application or a good social website, but those are far reality for me as I didn't have the enough knowledge of those. Then I started a course in Udacity on Web Development. I got some very important knowledge and acquired some relevant skills regarding web development. Finally, I came up with a idea why not develop this blog using Django as Python is my primary language and Django is a hot topic for Python developers. When I started this project I faced some problems how to get started in Django, but thank god! there is lot of tutorials available online to get started on Django.

Working With Django

I got a basic tutorial on Django from Udemy then after a lot of search I got GettingStartedWithDjango tutorial which is very good to start a Django project from development to production. It taught me how to setup a Django development server and Google also help me to find a blog post where I got how to setup my production server on AWS EC2 [link].