In present time we need to search job and create our resume by our own. There are some third-party services which make it easy for the job hunters. But both options are focused on the same generic principle and that requires a high percentage of manual interventions.

In my research I found,

  • Most of the job candidates don't even know what to put on a resume for a particular position and most of the hiring managers face a hard time to find, who is the best fit professionally and culturally for the position?

  • In today's' job market, most of the person want a job because they just need a job, but they don't even know what is their passion? what are their strong points? and how to represent their strong points to the hiring manager which are relevant for the position?

  • And what does hiring managers do to judge someone's skills and knowledge? they just follow the same generic pattern for every single candidate. A diet can work for a particular person to get fit but it does not mean that same diet will work for everyone.

The future job market will not work like this because future will work in AI. There will be thousands of bots which will be analyzing our social life, our professional life, our academics, our experiences, our interests, our skills and even our knowledge, like everything. And based on our interests it will search the jobs which will be the best fit for us and will create a personalized resume for that particular role. AI will also help the hiring manager to understand the requirement within the company and automatically search the perfect candidate for that particular position. Both the candidate side and the employer side bots will communicate with each other, they will represent us and will find out which is best for both the sides. And is a small step towards that future.

NOTE: Currently, this project is in very early phase, where I am just getting the feel of machine learning. I will keep you updated on every stage.

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